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Advanced Engineering

Cutting-edge technology and meticulous design ensure our chargers meet the highest industry standards.

Sustainable Solutions

Committed to eco-friendly practices, PBM integrates environmental responsibility into our innovative battery chargers.

Innovative quality

We are committed to a future of growth in quality, service and innovation, respecting man and the enviroment.

Our product range

Lead-acid Chargers

Reliable lead-acid charging.

Lithium-ion Chargers

Optimal lithium-ion charging.


Battery discharging systems.


Battery monitoring tools.

Member of Sunlight Group

Starting in April 2022, PBM srl joined Sunlight Group, a leading global provider of industrial and advanced energy storage solutions. With 30 years of expertise, Sunlight Group specializes in developing safe, state-of-the-art solutions for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

PBM’s integration with Sunlight Group grants access to advanced lithium battery research, boosting innovation.

This partnership provides PBM with extensive resources and support, enhancing growth and customer service.

Sunlight’s commitment to green energy aligns with PBM’s values, promoting eco-friendly practices and development.

Being part of Sunlight Group expands PBM’s network, increasing market presence and customer reach globally.


PBM SRL is searching for passionate individuals who share our vision. If you are excited to innovate and transform energy solutions, this could be your chance to make a real difference. Join our amazing journey and set the course for a fulfilling career. Ready to meet the team? Let's connect!

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